I’m Meia Chita-Tegmark – welcome to my website! Here I share my research musings, my teaching and mentoring goals, my vision for improving the world, and my random challenges as a stepmom, hiker, traveler and human in the age of artificial intelligence.

My background is in psychology and education and I’m passionate about the future of humanity and big picture questions. I’m a postdoc at the Tufts Human-Robot Interaction Lab and a co-founder of the Future of Life Institute. I’m interested in the intersection of technology and psychology, such as using artificial social agents for (health)care, and the impact of emerging technologies on social interactions and well-being.


My research focuses on social interactions and how they’re impacted by technology. I study both human-human interactions and human-machine interactions, and how they fit together in the broader social ecosystem. I’m currently pursuing research questions about perceptions and behaviors elicited by artificial social agents, which combine features of devices, communication media and social beings. My hope is to find ways to leverage new technologies to support rather than erode or replace human interactions.

My teaching philosophy is: “question authority!”. I believe my role as a scientist, teacher and mentor is to cultivate in my students a love for the uncomfortable questioning of authority: my authority as a teacher, the authority of their textbooks, and the hardest of all authorities to question – that of their own entrenched assumptions about the world.